A research laboratory for continuous innovation

Tellure Rôta's Test & Research laboratory is a scientific search body in industrial field, where the activity is devoted mainly to the wheels and castors, through the research, development and trial of innovative solutions, in order to satisfy the industrial clients logistics needs.

The lab's activities include:

TRLab is based on 6  researchers, coordinated by the technic-scientific director Pierluigi Borghi..

Test & Research laboratory has been working for many years in close cooperation with external research bodies and has gained the accreditation to High-Tech Network in Emilia-Romagna. Tellure Rôta S.p.A. and the laboratory obtained the Quality Certification (according to regulation ISO 9001:2015), the Environmental certification (according to ISO 14001:2015), the Health&Safety certification (according to ISO 45001:2018).

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