Ethics policy and privacy

The Laboratory Test & Research by Tellure Rôta S.p.A. agrees to comply with the requirements listed below:


  • The Company is committed to spend major part of its human and technological resources to industrial research and technology transfer, with a potential addressed to regional entrepreneurial system. This also applies to research started on an independent basis.
  • The Company is committed to guarantee accessibility to all external Clients, no holds barred, and not to operate exclusively for individuals Clients, or groups of them.
  • For industrial research and technology transfer made on a contract, the core of the Company consists of performances adapted and customized to the needs of Clients. The Company is committed to implement all necessary means to obtain the expected results, within a reasonable time according to the expectations of Customers.
  • The Company undertakes to use human resources with levels of technical competence and experience appropriate to ensure the quality and performance of projects assigned.
  • The Company is committed to providing services in accordance with the level of quality and professionalism that characterize the members of the NETWORK. The Company shall implement all measures necessary to maintain the appropriate level of quality in competence, professionalism, and quality standards of service perceived by Customers.
  • The Company is committed to actively encourage Customers to provide feedback on satisfaction, and periodically to assess regularly the contents, in order to obtain targeted information on how to promote the improvement of the organization and its services.
  • Where it is not able to respond directly to the needs of an outside party, the Company agrees to address it to other appropriate entities, with priority given to parties members of the NETWORK.
  • The Company undertakes to renew and extend its technological heritage in order to provide its Customers and partners up to date skills and resources.
  • The Company undertakes to keep secret the subject, the work and the results of any program unless it receives written authorization by the Customer. Such authorization must be included among the clauses.
  • The Company will not disclose any confidential information which it becomes aware in their contacts with the market, although there are no contracts, the disclosure of which is not subject to the express written permission by the external users. To this end, the Company agrees to take and update appropriate procedures to protect the privacy, and to raise awareness of its staff.
  • The Company is committed ensure that each person involved in the business services sign a declaration of commitment to protect the privacy.