Research activities


The activities of TRLab are focalized on innovative solutions in order to respond to the industrial logistic needs.

The laboratory defines, develop and distinguishes polyurethane compounds which are capable to respond to the specific application needs requested from the wheel users. Mixtures of all polyurethanes by Tellure Rôta has been created in the laboratory “ Test & Research”: from polyurethane “TR”, excellent in fluency and resistance, to the soft polyurethane “TR Roll”, which merges the resistance from polyurethane and the elasticity from rubber, and to the special polyurethanes (with characteristics of high grip, antistatic…).

Also the research addresses to thermoplastic materials, with the aim to offer wheels made of materials which combine endurance to specific application needs, environmentally friendly and the fair value for money..

Extensive studies about metallic materials are carried out, in order to realize castors with excellent performances even in the case of heavy-uses..



Thanks to the design software 2D and 3D and to the Finite Elements Analysis, TRLab researchers define the ideal dimensions for wheels and castors according to the functionality and to the budget.

New products’ projects are analyzed through anticipated patterns in dynamic, thermal, fatigue, vibro-acustic reaction on wheel’s tread..

The prototypes made at Tellure Rôta are tested by the testing equipment then run on trial with the customers’ cooperation.