High Technology Network

  TR Lab is accredited to Emilia-Romagna’s High Technology Network.
  The Emilia-Romagna’s High Technology Network which consists of research laboratories and innovation centers, brings together academic institutions and public and private research centers in the region to provide expertise, tools and resources to the production system.
The coordination of the Network, organized in thematic platforms, is entrusted to Aster.

The Network includes research laboratories, industrial and Innovation centers located throughout the territory of Emilia-Romagna, engaged in the following areas: Food, Construction, Energy Environment, Technology and Design, Mechanical Materials, Life Sciences.

Thanks to the partnership with the University of Ferrara, Bologna, Parma, Modena and Reggio Emilia, Milan Polytechnic, the National Research Council and a close internal collaboration, laboratories and researchers of the Network are the ideal partners to offer concrete solutions to the needs of companies development in terms of innovative products, processes more efficient, new technologies.